Cons of the Llobe City II

Before I reported about the pros of the Llobe City II but as with all new gadgets there are cons too. I only have the bike or EPAC/pedelec for 2 days but there are things I am not happy with. Don´t misunderstand me I love it more everyday but the designers could have done some things better in the points listed below.


  • Keylock
  • backlight
  • USB Port
  • Seat
  • Plastic parts
  • splash guard

I´ll try to get in every con in detail so everybody will understand what I mean.

The keylock is integrated into the battery. You can access it from below the mainframe. It is hard to get the key inside so I have to crouch everytime when I want to power it up. The cables blocking the access to the lock too.



The backlight is a simple Battery light with two AA batteries inside. I dont understand why they did not connected it to the light switch which also controls the front light from the steering bar. To switch the backlight on you have to hit a switch on its side. This is not at good solution but I will connect it to the same switch as the frontlight. Also the mounting wasn´t ok. The light got loose yesterday although I fixed it hard with my screwdriver before. To get it mounted in place I use a fan washer now.



I miss a USB port to charge my phone while driving. Some other manufacturers have this gimmick on they bikes already. So I will get an upgrade with this feature by myself in the near future.

The stock seat is a pain in the ass. Exactly like that… I exchanged it to a bigger one because I could not walk anymore after the first day driving 25km with it.

The plastic parts which hide the holes of the shock absorber tubes where mounted by a goliath. So the worker smashed them inside and broke all the rips of it. When I mounted all the parts I saw that the plastic is not sitting correct. When I put it out I saw that is damaged. So I will call the seller to echange these parts.

Same with the backside splash guard. It is mounted like an amateur or there are parts missing. I will tell this to the seller too. The splash guard was already mounted when it arrived here…

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      1. Yeps – thats what I did. Actually – I have a MATE that seems to be a total copy of this model, but without the lights. Then they changed the design some and added a GPStrackingsystem and some other tech-stuff – but apart form that. Do you by any chance see any brand or serielnumber or anything at your from lamp? Thinking of getting one.

        1. the lamp is quiet bad. There is no vendor on it but I just sent you an email with a few more detailed photos of it. I wanted to change mine with a headlight from banggood but it is not available at the moment.

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