Folding mini Pedelec – Llobe City II

There was long time no post for tech news. This is why I am over different projects at the moment eating up all my free time. But this week on Wednesday a gadget arrived I recently ordered online – a mini folding bike mit electrical power.

For getting the most powerful bike with the most options included I had to do long science in the www. Finally I choose tho Model branded as Llobe City II.

Why did I choose this bike over all the other brands and models? That´s easy to explain – here is a list which leads me to my decision:


  • foldable Frame
  • backfork shock absorber
  • frontfork shock absorber
  • in frame battery
  • good controller display
  • samsung battery (I will proof that)
  • long range (the manual says up to 80km)
  • no backpedal brake both brakes are disc brakes
  • in wheel motor 250W
  • Shimano 7 gear shift (most of the other models have only a hub gear)

and here it is in it’s full glory…


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