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  1. Greetings,
    I very much appreciate you sharing your experience with your discoveries about the Miix 2 8. I’m hoping to add a 4g modem and wireless charging to my Miix.

    For the modem: Did you find an optimal location to wire the internal usb to where the power is turned off when you shut down the machine?


    Did you ever find an effective location to wire a wireless charging receiver? Would you add a 2nd internal USB?


    Do you know if I change out the motherboard on the Miix2 8 do I have to do any reprogramming or reassignment of unit numbers etc?

    Thanks very much!

    1. Hi matt, as far as I can say it is possible to add an external usb device with an internal port. I stopped the project a while ago due to less time and interests. I think a full exchange of the mainboard shouldn’t be a problem because all the stuff is on one pcb. I changed shortly after doing all the tests to a lenovo thinkpad 8 which has all the functions I needed. Good luck

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