Tiertime Cetus 3D MK2 vs MK3 differences – Z-axis clutch bearing

This weekend I took some of my free time to bring my MK2 Cetus to the newest parts. As some of you might know I have a modified Cetus MK2 and a modified MK3 here. Both look the same but have slight differences construction wise which doesn´t make it possible to upgrade easily a MK2 to a MK3.

Z-axis one way clutch bearing.

Both the MK2 and the MK3 have a one way needle bearing installed on the z-axis motor shaft. I´m not sure if the MK1 had this also so this is only one finding from yesterday on my printers. This bearing should prevent the axis falling down and crashing the build plate in case of emergency stop of the board or power loss of the motors. What I realized that the bearing on the MK3 behaves much different and slowly let the axis fall down when the board is shut down or motor off command is sent. A long time ago I already tried to adjust the MK2 bearing to stop at the position when the z-axis motor is off but struggled with some issues after. It is indeed possible to hold the position of the Z-axis on the MK2 version but makes the axis behave like there is a backlash. Especially when the axis have to move short distances which happens at every print. The result with my tests at this time to adjust the bearing tension ends by loosing it again as the z-level was not pisitioned precisely anymore. Intersting fact here is that the MK3 positions great so there have to be differences which I figured out 2 days ago.

On the MK3 Tiertime used a different one way clutch bearing.

While the MK2 has a HF0406 needle bearing installed at the MK3 there is a HF0406-KF needle bearing supporting the z-axis. After some research i found out that the addition KF means that in the needle cage there are plastic springs added. So this is a special version of the HF0406. I ordered 2 parts of the KF version and will test the upcoming days to upgrade this useful function into the MK2 version.

UPDATE 2020-11-05:

The bearing doesn´t make much difference. The solution for preventing the Z-axis from falling down is to short the motor wires. This seems to happen at the MK3 in the mainboard.

MK2 HF0406 below

MK3 HF0406KF below

How to make your MM 550 great again

I didn’t use my Sennheiser MM 500 for long time but resurrected them a few days ago to compare these to my headset provided by my employer. I realized a weird cracking in the left ear which reminded me why I didn’t use these pairs for a long time. I decided to figure out what exactly causes the sound issue. After taking away the ear foam there is a mesh which also have to be dismantled. I checked the speakers and realized two plastic parts. After a little bit search I identified the small high tone speaker on top of the main speaker. The seat wall where it is pressed in is broken – on both sides. The mic still sits great there. After gently pulling out the broken plastic parts the headset is working like on day one… Give it a try if you own a pair of these, it is worth it.

GADWP and Exact Metrics rebrand disaster

What a mess. For years I had the nice counter plugin installed called GADWP. A few weeks ago the vendor decided to change their product and rebrand it to exact metrics.

The result was that the counter plugin is not working anymore and the whole plugin is broken…

found this blog and a super nice explanation what went wrong. Wasted!