My brand new opensource NAS

As I changed my PC setup to a small Intel I7 NUC I was in need of a bigger storage than the SSD in the guts of the NUC. My old synology NAS only provides one bay and is a closed system from Synology. Therefore I was checking around and now found a super nice solution based on a open source system. The overal consumption in standby/idle is around 6,5W. Under heavy load it increases up to 20W. So a low cost, energy saving NAS with raid and a lot of power ressources is possible in 2019. Stay tuned I will provide the next time some benchmarks…

Super 135 – take three

today I followed a friends advice not to dismantle the prototype but getting new internals to make a second version. As I didn´t had a ready device the last few months I couldn´t fly also. So the prototype 2 will have to proof itself in the coming days.

So the electronics will be below 200€ (excluding battery) if you order in my favourite chinese online shop Bangood.

I know this is not cheap but this tiny beast is comparable to a 5″ racer frame from the flight characteristics and the durability.