Thinkpad 8 dock

There is a thinkpad 8 docking station out there nobody knows of…

watch the video from the Ignite 2015 presentation of Microsoft… this docking station is branded by lenovo. So what do we have to do to get this dock as customers? So far i can see there is no sign of charging in this dock. Joe Belfiore is connecting the thinkpad8 with the side where the micro HDMI connector is. I think lenovo found out after they produced the device that it is not possible to dock the device without putting cables on one side. So for sure this is lack of construction skills I have to say.


Screenshots on Windows 8.x Tablets

There is a small trick to do screenshots like on android devices. Press and hold the Windows button and while holding hit the Volume- button at the same time. Windows will save the screenshot JPG-file to the user/picture/screenshot folder.

Screenshot (7)

Lenovo Miix 2-8 and Thinkpad 8 Bluetooth problems

for those who have the same problems like me while connecting a bluetooth keyboard and a bluetooth mouse at the same time and figuring out lags on the mouse here is a fix for this.

go to your device manager. under network adapters you will find a „broadcom 802.11abgn wireless sdio“ adapter.

Screenshot (2)

at the setting in this adapter go to the rider advanced in the list choose „bluetooth collaboration“. further in the pull down menu go to disabled.

Screenshot (3)

voila now the keyboard and the mouse work like a charm without lags and hangs…