Xiaomi Mijia sphere 3.5k issues

There are still pending issues on this cam.

-photo quality-
Just last week I got a new Firmware and installed it since then the photo quality got really bad. If oyu zoom in the photos they look like crumbled.

but that´s not all.

-Exif data-
The photos are not branded with enough exif data. As a google local guide I take my camera everywhere to make photos for contribution. LAst week I was at the azores Islands (Portugal) and realized that some photos are not shown correctly in google maps on my android phone. This is due lack of exif information in the photo files. I know this can be done manually in postprocessing but is not useful to make on the go photos.
Yes it has more resolution than my theta s but without the correct file information this advance is gone.

-video issues-
The next is that the newer app versions have on the one hand a stabilization feature which is awesome but on the other hand in fixed postition the camera video drifts on the roll axis constantly. without postporcessing of the video the outcome is unuseful. there are workaround for example after switiching on the cam immediatly start recording so in this case the stbilization feature is not active due to an uncalibrated gyro, but also this is not a solution for a enduser product.

Xiaomi please update the firmware and app to a good quality level.I quite love the Mijia Sphere 3.5k but with these issues the camera is not mature enough for daily on the go use. As far as I see these are no dealbrakers because it is only a software thing but as long Xiaomi will not solve these major problems I can not recommend the cam to other people.