Super XXX easy maintenance

FPV flying is soo much fun. But what is the most pain in the ass with this hobby?

Yes, the maintenance. I know this increases with every crash your knowledge curve exponentially but for theses kind of pilots which want to fly it´s disappointing.

So in basically every technical instruction the engineers are asked to decrease the maintenance. in the EU there are even rules and regulations for this.

There are only few tech sectors who are not willing or able to do so and this includes smartphones and the cars. These two sectors go exactly the different ways.

This causes me headache for quite some time. The super 135 has everything you need of a small 3 inch quad. but what is if you have to exchange a motor or a cable? Maintenance at these tiny quads will make you upset. Everything is super tiny and squeezed to a minimum to stay below the 250gr line. BTW there are not that much setups yet in this class but the amount will increase mid of next year when the EU pushes new drone regulations and vendors realize to jump on the horse.

I know regional weight regulations have huge impact on the whole drone market and therefore I try to find a solution to separate the electronics easily (in the best case without tools) from the frame so you are able to have a full set of electronics in a kind of cocoon and connect this only to the rugged frame.

I have some nice concepts and I hopefully have a solution for this soon.

Super 135 – take three

today I followed a friends advice not to dismantle the prototype but getting new internals to make a second version. As I didn´t had a ready device the last few months I couldn´t fly also. So the prototype 2 will have to proof itself in the coming days.

So the electronics will be below 200€ (excluding battery) if you order in my favourite chinese online shop Bangood.

I know this is not cheap but this tiny beast is comparable to a 5″ racer frame from the flight characteristics and the durability.

Today it happened…

… the maiden flight of the advanced SUPER135. Worked a lot on material tests and found one which has incredible characteristics – strong, durable, flexible and lightweight.

Today I managed to do some testflights to check how effective the frame is. In 3s I got smooth flightimes around 7min with a 800mAh battery. In 4s the 750mAh battery had juice for a 5 min ride.

Don´t be annoyed by the white borders left and right. You can´t see them anymore from now on as I adjusted the camera correctly.

Super135 next round

A lot of time has gone since the last update. Just experimented around with a few materials and maybe found a solution. Fighting on my cetus with another bad ass composite material but looks good for now (and especially the specs)…

Super135 aka…

  1. 237gr of pure power…
  2. 4s capable
  3. stable frame
  4. Best possible airflow with less resistance
  5. Below 250gr
  6. HD-video onboard thanks to runcam
  7. 3″ props

flow resistance

Welcome back at another episode of how to build the perfect frame. While the market is spreading exponantially at the moment I´ll do some research on new ways to design frames. At the moment I´ll deal alot with flow characteristics and a special low-resistance frame design. This kind of design offers lot of optimizations but is quite complicated to design. I still play with 3″ prop versions so there is much options to try out at this size.  I have to say due to less free time I can´t stay on the topic but I´m sure right now that this will have a huge impact on energy consumption and flight times…

the actual internal name is “super” but stay connected it will be announced soon. The design is in refining status and will be finalized the next few weeks. Also test flights wil begin shortly but I´m quite sure there will be not that much to improve on it.