Finally? -not really…

It seems like there was a new firmware and app version deployed.

I have to test if the issues are gone now completely but it seems that the artifacts issue in photos and videos is now gone and back at the quality level before the 1.6.3 version and without the other bugs. I will have some tests these days and report here.

UPDATE: ok the quality issues really seem like to be history BUT…

… right now you have to deal with constant WIFI disconnects. It´s like a nightmare what´s happening to this perfect hardware on software side. with every software update one issue is gone but a new is popping up.

Another useless app update for the Mijia Sphere

After the firmware and app update more than one week ago, Xiaomi yesterday pushed another app update on android devices.

Now we are at which adds new filters to the app.

I as user have still to decide to take pictures with really poor image quality but exif data in the newest version or going to the old version with good quality of the photos but without exif. As I mentioned in a few posts before they changed something on the compression for photos and videos. the last version I could identifiy where the issue not appears was 1.6.3

This is really frustrating what Xiaomi is doing here. Please Xiaomi again, take first care for the really flaws in your software and after that you can add gimmicks like filters and such things for playing around.

Mijia new firmware

Today I got the message that there is also a new firmware getting rolled out.


Tests are done so far here are my results after the latest app and firmware:

  • video drift is gone! the video stays now stable
  • exif data seems corrected also (google maps accepts the photos the same like from my theta s)
  • crumpled video and photo still exists (may I have a confirmation from someone about this issue)


New Xiaomi mijia 1.8 app for android

What I found out until now is that the photo quality is still crumpled… but xiaomi now includes more exif data to the photos which lets google maps inteprate the photo with correct orientation. I am still testing. The next thing will be video and the bad drift… Maybe xiaomi found finally an exit out of their app crisis.

Thanks to Mic from

New xiaomi android version

Just realized that quietly Xiaomi rolled out a new app version for the Xiaomi Mijia Sphere 3.5k.

I started my tests and the video is still drifting after import with this version. Also photos still look crumbled.

Exif data is also not complete

right now it seems that there are new features in the settings which show you how much photos and video time is left on the card but in chinese!

Xiaomi please fix the exif data and drift issue in the photo also the quality. As long this is not fixed nobody cares for new features…

xiaomi mijia app comparison

So I found out that since short time the photo quality got really messy with the xiaomi mijia.

I found a few minutes to try around what is the cause for that.

first I installed the newest version from the google playstore which appeared a few hours ago. Thanks for the info to Mic from

So the latest version on my android device is the Version which has still ferautres and issues from the last versions. I also use an older app version with the number
My current firmware version is First I thought the firmware causes the errors. But see following screenshots.

The photo on the left was downloaded from the mijia with the old app. since the last two version of the app (as I remeber it started with version the photos look like the right side.

It does not matter with which version the photos were shot. It depends only which version it is when you download the photo from the cam.


Here you can find two screenshots taken with the cam on the same place (untouched)

left side the new 1.7 version right side shot with the old version. both I exported from the camera with the old version because of the issue I explained here before.

I realize here that there are quite changes between the photos. I assume that they did some lens correction or compensation in the software while stitching. You can see that the right bezel of my screen is more straight in the right screenshot. But again here the left side with the newer app looks worse than the right old version. for me with every new version the quality issues grow over the advantages.


PLEASE XIAOMI solve these issues. Furthermore I still miss the exif data in the photo files.