miix miracast

there are some problems with my lenovo miix 2 that i try to explain here. like the dell venue 8 the miix has nealry the same problems with miracast/widi connection. since microsoft offered one or two KB Update files that will castrate the miracast ooptions only to extend or second screen function. this ist disappointing. the secon problem with the miracast is when you use a bluetooth or external mouse the cursor is not showed on the secon screen. there is an option in the mouseoptions wehre you can activate CTRL to make a circle around the actual postion of the cursor but this is nothing for productive use. so i tried to figure our where it comes from. after some reading i found in the web that there is some code in windows8 like “cursorsuppression” or m”mousesuppression” which causes the problem with the hidden mouse cursor. there is no fix for this right now. lets hope microsoft will fix this. there are different workarounds. one is to install pointerstick a small tool you can find by searching on the web. it will do a visual stick next to you mousepointer even it is hidden by this maliscous microsoft code 😉 But for me this looks disgusting. so i tried around and found another solution to bring the windows built in mouse cursor back. Go to mouse options and activate the cursor trails in settings. put it down to lightest shadow. thats it. the miracast has native lags so it is even if the cursor make some optical lags to this.

2012 Asia recalculate

Habe auch mal den letztjährigen Roundtrip nachberechnet was da so zusammengekommen ist.

  • Südkorea
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand

summiert sich auf knappe 26800km.

2012 asia

lets rock…

Auf nach Pattaya

Heute gehts nach Pattaya. Hozel Dusit D2 eines der teuersten das es dort gibt. 5* und bomben Lage am Strand. Mal sehen wie das Wetter so ist.