Cons of the Llobe City II

Before I reported about the pros of the Llobe City II but as with all new gadgets there are cons too. I only have the bike or EPAC/pedelec for 2 days but there are things I am not happy with. Don´t misunderstand me I love it more everyday but the designers could have done some things better in the points listed below.


  • Keylock
  • backlight
  • USB Port
  • Seat
  • Plastic parts
  • splash guard

I´ll try to get in every con in detail so everybody will understand what I mean.

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Folding mini Pedelec – Llobe City II

There was long time no post for tech news. This is why I am over different projects at the moment eating up all my free time. But this week on Wednesday a gadget arrived I recently ordered online – a mini folding bike mit electrical power.

For getting the most powerful bike with the most options included I had to do long science in the www. Finally I choose tho Model branded as Llobe City II.

Why did I choose this bike over all the other brands and models? That´s easy to explain – here is a list which leads me to my decision:


  • foldable Frame
  • backfork shock absorber
  • frontfork shock absorber
  • in frame battery
  • good controller display
  • samsung battery (I will proof that)
  • long range (the manual says up to 80km)
  • no backpedal brake both brakes are disc brakes
  • in wheel motor 250W
  • Shimano 7 gear shift (most of the other models have only a hub gear)

and here it is in it’s full glory…


Project The Tick restarted

This is what happens after half year pausing the project due to different other important things…


So what will these drawings tell me (not you outside there)? It is easy: at the moment these are done there where more than 5 beers on the game too but this means that I will change the whole setup to get it much more lighter than before and much more aerodynamic which means less air turbulences. The next step is to get the cnc mill ready. One milestone os done since this morning. I had a holiday today that’s why I decided to set up the mill finally. All axis are working well now. Next I have to go deeper into CAD and CAM to bring in the changes of the last weekend.