The TICK and the materials

Hi guys,

while testing around with some prototypes and different materials there is one material which I found out has awesome characteristics. So the new plan is to make a mixture of different materials inside the tick to get the best performance and specs out of it. Today the first arm is done and so far I can say the arms will be the key to the goal. The knowledge we will bring into every piece will get the most power out of this beast.

But I know with every milestone reached there is more work coming because I have to go into more details. The plan is in my head and for parts captured already in files. I hope to get a first prototype of the new tick´s body the next few weeks. I don´t know how much weight the frame will have but it will be one of the lightest frames in this class ever. In this class? There is no other frame as I know so far which has the options like our Tick…

Ticks innovation next chapter

Hi folks,

With every part I am redesigning to fit my needs and to get the most efficeincy out of it there are more changes to the design. When I had the idea of this beast in May 2015 I did not know how much work and money wasting this will cause. I knew that it will be a hard way to make an innovation like this but like that?… No, for sure.
Everything takes time but my job kills most of my personal daily power and in the evening after work to go into designing, construction and milling is really a breathtaking action. Thanks to my girlfriend Neciel and my friends to support me and not being seriously mad about this.

Back to topic… I redesigned the arms today. One of the worst things in a sandwich design is that the supporting plates will fall off when you disassemble the sandwich. I hate this kind of things, especially on my django. It happened not often to take it apart but when you have to do actions for maintenance on a frame designed with these weak bugs you know what I am talking about. You will rack your nerves and it requires nerves of steel to achieve to get the model back in working condition.

To prevent this the new design won’t produce lacks like that. Everyone who will own this frame will be happy to select my the tick-design. Sorry for not getting deeper into that heavy innovations. Because of this there are less screenshots and design drawings nowadays. But the final design is near. I bought cheaper material for preproduction samples and soon the miling will begin. Stay tuned and thanks for all supporters… We will get it real!

I thought about crowdfunding for this kind of frame but I am not sure to start an action like that now. There is only a really simple preproduction frame of the tick but with astonishing flying capabilities yet. The actual preproduction sample is hovering in a tiny room with full gimbaled gopro and no gps and it is really easy to control. In the end I will try to introduce two versions: one with the gimbaled camera and one without gimbal for racing. Everybody can choose what will fit his/her needs when it is final. But the gimbaled will be done first because it is much harder to design.

the ticks innovation

The cnc-machine is working for one week now. on the weekend I did the first useful millings to provide holes for the mounting plate made of sandwich plates of wood. Now I understand how everything is working. Today I ordered a tool measuring sensor for changing the tools without any hassle. This will get much more value to the work with the machine in near future.

see the video of the weekend session…

Right now I am again at reworking the arms and the ground plate (I will call that ground plate in future posts the motherboard)

For doing maintenance to everything the motherboard should hold the arms without the second plate. I try to implement a kind of puzzle construction which makes everything more complicated but prevents the owner at final construction to loose control of the cables modules and rest of the stuff. Stay connected. This copter will be a earthshaking and groundbraking INNOVATION to the UAV market. We are reinventing modern multicopters for getting the most flightimes and maximum of efficiency out of it.