Another useless app update for the Mijia Sphere

After the firmware and app update more than one week ago, Xiaomi yesterday pushed another app update on android devices.

Now we are at which adds new filters to the app.

I as user have still to decide to take pictures with really poor image quality but exif data in the newest version or going to the old version with good quality of the photos but without exif. As I mentioned in a few posts before they changed something on the compression for photos and videos. the last version I could identifiy where the issue not appears was 1.6.3

This is really frustrating what Xiaomi is doing here. Please Xiaomi again, take first care for the really flaws in your software and after that you can add gimmicks like filters and such things for playing around.

Mijia new firmware

Today I got the message that there is also a new firmware getting rolled out.


Tests are done so far here are my results after the latest app and firmware:

  • video drift is gone! the video stays now stable
  • exif data seems corrected also (google maps accepts the photos the same like from my theta s)
  • crumpled video and photo still exists (may I have a confirmation from someone about this issue)


New Xiaomi mijia 1.8 app for android

What I found out until now is that the photo quality is still crumpled… but xiaomi now includes more exif data to the photos which lets google maps inteprate the photo with correct orientation. I am still testing. The next thing will be video and the bad drift… Maybe xiaomi found finally an exit out of their app crisis.

Thanks to Mic from

Ripping around – Giant chair edition!

This video is more than overdue, i procrastinated editing and uploading it way too long.

This was filmed almost 3 weeks ago, we had a lot of fun and a lot of damage while flying around our local XXL Neubert (you get overpriced furniture there, don’t even ask).

First few batteries were just me ripping around the parking lot, then Daniel killed his Eachine Lizard 95 and the girls were getting hungry. Side note: Never go flying with hungry girls, unless you have no more than two batteries with you. End side note.

Anyway, then i decided to finish my last battery at the giant red chair that was standing around (it’s like 30 or so meters high, at the very least), but i did **NOT** scout the location enough and overlooked the number one enemy of every miniquad pilot: WATER! TO THE RESCUE!

Equipment used:

  • Martian II 5″ Frame
  • F3 V4 AIO Board from Banggood
  • Racerstar 2206 Motors
  • King Kong 5040 5x4x3 Props
  • Eachine K-Loverleaf 5.8G 5dBi RHCP Antennas
  • Eachine VR D2 Goggles
  • FlySky i6 Transmitter
  • FlySky ia6 Receiver
  • GoPro Session
  • 3D Printed GoPro Session Mount from Banggood
  • Zippy LiPo Batteries, 1300mAh and 1600mAh
  • SkyRC Q200 AC/DC Quattro Battery Charger

Music: Julian Convex – Sumidagawa