Australia I’m coming soon

Just on the airplane to Sydney. Again 7 hours flight. Puhh, but the Quantas are known to be one of the best airlines and I have to say yes it is like that. Superb trained flight attentands, good food and frenchpress coffee. Wow.

Even the entertainment system did not let miss anything to me and looks quiet like the same in the China Airlines.


One surprise was my seat neighbour.
Anybody knows who it is?

Isaac Reyes #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

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Gaining Experience

As far as I can say the philippine coordination is really horrible. This uncoordinated acting runs like a golden thread through nearly everything which is in all other places uncomplicated. Let’s list some things I experienced the last few days here:

I start at the airport in Manila, the gates changed 3 minutes before the flight was scheduled. All passengers ran to the next gate which was already occupied by hundred others who where maybe false at this gate at this time after the change.

The transfer shuttle bus between the terminals in Manila is a waste. There are three guys coordinating the people to enter the bus and stacking the baggages but in the complete wrong way. I am sure they know where the bus will stopp after leaving the terminal. What are they doing wrong is that they stack the luggage that the passengers have to unload everything because
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Cebu pacific airline

This airline shakes me around.

There are pros and cons for getting a flight with cebu pacific.


if it is raining they offer a umbrella to the airplane
Dance&House music in the airplane
Fastest check in and luggage drop I ever had (that happens in Manila)
Much foot space in the airplane
The crew makes guessing games where you can win sponsored stuff like neckpillows and so on

They don’t inform the passengers when and how long delay they have
No free in flight drinks

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