Ghost / unknown flying object (FPV Freestyle Double Feature)

I uploaded a new video onto the Tube, it’s called „Ghost / unknown flying object“.

I liked picking up the idea of a double feature, which is movie enthusiast slang nowadays, but used to be quite common: You pay once, and get to see two movies (two features).

It’s mainly footage from my Mallorca trip in 2018, the intro is me chasing Sean’s wing in Hallstadt, Germany. It’s not related to Mallorca, just thought to myself it makes for a good opening. Well, now that i think about it, that sesh was the last time I went flying before going on that plane, so it kinda has its place there at the beginning.

So, without further ado: Enjoy and feel free to subscribe to my YT channel!

Ripping around – Giant chair edition!

This video is more than overdue, i procrastinated editing and uploading it way too long.

This was filmed almost 3 weeks ago, we had a lot of fun and a lot of damage while flying around our local XXL Neubert (you get overpriced furniture there, don’t even ask).

First few batteries were just me ripping around the parking lot, then Daniel killed his Eachine Lizard 95 and the girls were getting hungry. Side note: Never go flying with hungry girls, unless you have no more than two batteries with you. End side note.

Anyway, then i decided to finish my last battery at the giant red chair that was standing around (it’s like 30 or so meters high, at the very least), but i did **NOT** scout the location enough and overlooked the number one enemy of every miniquad pilot: WATER! TO THE RESCUE!

Equipment used:

  • Martian II 5″ Frame
  • F3 V4 AIO Board from Banggood
  • Racerstar 2206 Motors
  • King Kong 5040 5x4x3 Props
  • Eachine K-Loverleaf 5.8G 5dBi RHCP Antennas
  • Eachine VR D2 Goggles
  • FlySky i6 Transmitter
  • FlySky ia6 Receiver
  • GoPro Session
  • 3D Printed GoPro Session Mount from Banggood
  • Zippy LiPo Batteries, 1300mAh and 1600mAh
  • SkyRC Q200 AC/DC Quattro Battery Charger

Music: Julian Convex – Sumidagawa

Random Fukuoka Impressions

The first day exploring Fukuoka held so many amazing impressions, I hardly know where to start.

After some amazing pancake breakfast at Hakata Station – the main train station and largest shopping mall in Fukuoka – we started hitting up random places using mostly subway trains and busses. As one might expect from the Japanese, singns are extraordinarily easy to read even when you don’t remember the Kanji. Everything is color-coded and logically arranged.

Hakata Station Fukuoka (Main Hall)
Outside Hakata Station Panorama

„Random Fukuoka Impressions“ weiterlesen

First impressions from Fukuoka, Japan

We arrived in Fukuoka (Japan) yesterday in the evening, and in return for the long travel in an overcrowded 747-8i we got some astonishing views on Fukuoka City from the Hilton Sea Hawk Hotel, which will be our new home for the next 5 days.

Fukuoka Bay seen from Hilton Sea Hawk
Fukuoka City seen from Hilton Sea Hawk

Fukuoka City is one of the largest cities in Japan. Being the city with the youngest population in the whole country, it’s known for its many shopping and nightlife districts, and of course for its many opportunities to enjoy Yatai, japanese street food.

So, our first and last destination for the day was Ichiran, said to be the #1 traditional street-food style Ramen spot in Fukuoka. As you can see i’m pretty tired after 24 hours of being on planes and airports, so we’ll fully begin exploring the city tomorrow.

Ichiran! The ichiban ramen spot!