GADWP and Exact Metrics rebrand disaster

What a mess. For years I had the nice counter plugin installed called GADWP. A few weeks ago the vendor decided to change their product and rebrand it to exact metrics.

The result was that the counter plugin is not working anymore and the whole plugin is broken…

found this blog and a super nice explanation what went wrong. Wasted!

dual tilt multirotor

As I dive more into the multirotor builds there are more ideas to construct the perfect copter. right now I am thinking of a quad with 2 tilted axis. So the gimbal is obsolete at this build and the agility is much improved to any other multirotor on the market. The pitch and the roll will be done by special axis not by the props itself. the advantage is more speed and more stability for the camera on board. I will try to get a workring prototype as soon as possible to test out what I am thinking about. There will be a fully stabilized cam on board with the same power and speed as a quad racer, hopefully. The design will be at 8-10″ props but more powerful than everything is on the market at this time.

short trip to prepare everything

last friday we prepared everything for a short trip to check if our plans will work. so one week before the heavy world excursion we will make a short visit in turkey – istanbul to have a testdrive what´s comming up next… 3344km more on the count of XX15 and thats not the end of the fahnenstange!